Make smarter summer plans with Eye Level’s individualized programs that develop students into critical thinkers and confident learners.



Whether staying home or going away, Eye Level has Summer classes to keep your child active, engaged, and ready to succeed in the upcoming school year.

Learn at the center
or take workbooks on your trip

Study a few hours
per week

Stop summer learning loss
& return to school ahead


Cultivate Basic Arithmetic &
Problem Solving Skills

Eye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling students to master concepts through a small-step approach.

Basic Thinking Math

  • Numbers, arithmetic, measurement, equations, functions, probability, variables

Critical Thinking Math

  • Word problems, patterns & relationships, spatial sense, problem solving, reasoning, geometry


An Integrated Approach to
English Language Arts

The Eye Level English program takes students from foundational reading and writing skills to more complex concepts that enhance critical reading comprehension and written communication.

Reading Workbooks

  • Phonemic awareness & fluency

  • Vocabulary, spelling & reading comprehension
  • Grammar, parts of speech, literary devices

Writing Workbooks

  • Learn to write in various genres including narrative, informational, opinion/argumentative & research
  • Practice the creative writing process of pre-writing, drafting, revising & editing

Summer Programs

Summer programs don’t need to overwhelm students or disrupt vacations and relaxation. Studying only a few hours per week can prevent your child from losing hard-earned knowledge from the previous school year.

Summer Reading Club

  • Receive guidance on what to consider while reading.

  • Learn to formulate thoughtful responses to the text.

  • Prepare a book report and practice drafting and revision.

Math Brain Boost

  • Individualized learning plan & instruction.

  • Workbooks focus on problem solving & reasoning.

  • Word Problem packets deepen understanding & facilitate application of concepts.